catwired web site services



We are AdWords specialists.  We can help you increase ROI, use your dollars more efficiently, increase your customer base and improve sales.

Our experienced specialists listen to your needs and help make your advertising more effective.

Programming Experts


Every website uses some form of computer programming language.  PHP, ASP, JSP, PERL and Javascript are just a few of the web based programming languages in use today. We are programming experts and fluent in all the major languages.

page header maintenance

Hassle Free Website Maintenance

Let us maintain your website - quickly, efficiently and at a cost you can afford!

You have better, more important things to do with your time than maintaining a website.  Like building your business and growing your customer base.

Web Page Design

Compelling, Eye-Catching Designs

CATWIRED creates high quality, attractive web sites that present our clients in a positive, effective manner.

Our experienced, quality-focused team listens to your needs and creates web sites that work.

Web Site Implementation

You Design It, We'll Build It

Some of our customers have a designer they want to use to create the look and feel of their site.  Fine by us.  We're happy to take the design, do our magic, and create a fully functioning website.

We'll work closely with your designer to ensure that the design can be implemented - and implemented in a cost effective manner.

Content Management Systems

The CMS Expertise You Need!

Content Management Systems (CMS) are great tools.  They make it easy to create and maintain your web site.

There are many Content Management Systems available, and we have experience with the best.


Score Well, Earn More

It's a simple, but powerful formula:  score well in search engine results and you'll make more money. 

How do you score well?  It's a mixture of art and science and we know how to blend the two to give you fabulous results.