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We design, build, maintain and support web sites.

Website design / redesign

Catwired creates high quality, attractive website designs that present your organization in a positive, effective manner. Our experienced, quality-focused team listens to your needs and creates websites that look great and function well. We provide guidance, advice and support throughout the site design process.

Website maintenance

Let us maintain your website — quickly, efficiently and at a cost you can afford! You have better, more important things to do with your time than maintaining a website. Like building your business and growing your customer base. We'll make your website maintenance easy and hassle free. Just send us the changes and we'll get them done.

Custom programming

Every website uses some form of computer programming language. PHP, ASP, JSP, PERL and Javascript are just a few of the web based programming languages in use today. We are programming experts and fluent in all the major languages. When given a choice, we prefer PHP but we can provide programming for most of the major web based languages.

We provide comprehensive programming services including:

  • Creating custom applications
  • Fixing bugs
  • Fixing broken applications
  • Installing 3rd party modules, add-ons etc.
  • Getting your website to "talk" with other websites
  • Database interactions
  • Ecommerce set ups
  • Shopping carts

Wordpress support

We design, build, maintain and troubleshoot Wordpress websites. Learn more about our Wordpress services here.

Joomla support

We design, build, maintain and troubleshoot Joomla websites. Learn more about our Joomla services here.

Website implementation

Some of our customers have a designer they like to use to create their website design. Fine by us. We're happy to take the design, do our magic, and create a fully functioning website. We'll work closely with your designer to ensure that the design is implemented — and implemented in a cost effective manner. We have loads of experience working with in-house and freelance designers. We keep the "geek speak" to a minimum and make the entire process smooth and painless.

Search engine optimization

It's a simple, but powerful formula: score well in search engine results and you'll make more money. How do you score well? It's a mixture of art and science and we know how to blend the two to give you fabulous results. Our owner, Dave, is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pro. It's one of his passions and he has a proven track record of getting client websites to the top of search engine results.

Connect with Dave and he'll be happy to give you a detailed explanation of the process and how you can harness the power of search engines.